Mr. Pennies?! *Spoilers*

Do you guys think the cloaked character met in the pub at Lustrum might be a Master now down on their luck or something of the same species if not one of the original masters?

I’m basing this off the &quotMr.___&quot title as well as the cloak and the face behind it looks like it could possibly be a bat?

Also it wants to trade which we all know the Masters love to do :)

i’m 100% certain he is, and if you go up the mountain you’ll find out more about him and what he’s doing there

Oooh, thanks for the insight! Currently the “soft voice” reminds me of I think it’s Mr. Veils

It’s not a Master of The Bazaar, it’s the same species, but I can tell you it isn’t a Master.

I’m imagining him as one of the Masters’ lil bro.

He’s way more adorable than I imagined the masters anyway

Whatever he is I love him

Trully a tragic figure. How the mighty have fallen.

So the Masters look like…big burned mice?

1: The next day after Skies was released, I realized I did meet an alien.
2: I just imagine him holding up a metal cup, saying, “Spare Change?”