Mr Pages speech?

Perhaps this is old news, but I’d only just noticed it. Mr Pages seems to be completely making up words. I first assumed that he just had an impressive master of the english language but I started looking up some of the stranger ones and was surprised to find many of them did not exist at all. A few from my encounter with him after delivering texts from the FO;

“'Ah, the reports from the Foreign Office. Most [color=#66cc00]alacritudinous[/color]. Stack them on the [color=#66cc00]woodsider[/color], if you would. I shall read every last [color=#66cc00]verbode[/color] in person, of course. It is nothing less that my duty. Is it gelid in here? Perhaps I shall have an [color=#66cc00]infernous[/color] lit. A big, blazing infernous. But there is no coal? Oh, what to do? What to do? Off you go, now. Tell the F.O. to keep up the good [color=#66cc00]labourations[/color].”

And even from his announcements on these forums;

“Here is the place to spin tales of our beloved Fifth City. Before you begin, two [color=#66cc00]mandatorants[/color]:”

Has anyone else noticed this?

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Everyone else has noticed this. It’s a core character trait of his, along with his blind spot regarding how stupid it makes him sound. It’s even mocked in-game at one point, during the “Raking the Muck of the Neath” storyline.

Hah! I looked back at that story, and the last storylet in it makes so much more sense now than it did back then.

Actually, gelid is a word – meaning ice-like, icy, cold – one of the few examples of Mr Pages using an adjective that is a real word.

Good call, Genny. That’s quite embarrassing for me. It’s also pretty embarrassing that I’ve capped 3/4 of my main qualities and only just now noticed this about Pages I suppose. Still, knowledge is knowledge, I’m sure there’s someone else out there as clueless as me who never noticed.

Patrick, it’s been a looong time since I played through the ‘raking’ storylet, back before I took the plot as seriously as I should have. I didn’t pay attention much back then because I wasn’t quite as into the game as I am now.
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/ooc Reminds me of Redd White.

Yes, many of his words have valid roots, which makes it relatively easy to figure out his meaning based on context. “Alacritudinous”, for example, comes from “alacrity”, meaning readiness, eagerness, or speed.

On the Masters’ twitter accounts, the other Masters have occasionally eye-rolled heavily at him for it too!

crackpot theory here, but perhaps Mr Hearts’ business in the labyrinth of tigers could be explained by his mistaken belief that the word ‘consumate’ is one of Mr Pages’ ficticious compound words?