Mr Pages, Literary Ambitions, & the Writer's Desk?

Good evening or appropriate temporal greeting!
I’m attempting to make amends with a certain Master of the Bazaar for allowing a certain Dandy to escape with his book, and I keep being told to write a special short story in Veilgarden. No such opportunity has appeared. I read on the wiki that the Writer’s Desk option is supposed to come up under Literary Ambitions, but I’ve been trying for several days with no luck. I was wondering if anyone had any input?
Thank you!

Do you mean that you cannot access the Writer’s Desk story under Literary Ambitions? That’s odd. The only reason I can think of for that is that you aren’t up to the proper &quotMaking Your Name&quot requirement for Persuasive yet (If you see something about Making your name by writing a short story, then this is indeed the case)… but that is very strange.

If you can access the Writer’s Desk option, then the choice to finish that special short story will only be available on the page where you choose to finish the short story. (I hope that is clear!)

Edit: I just checked. The storylet that you want is &quotThe Writer’s Desk: Begin A Work&quot (also in Veilgarden) rather than &quotLiterary Ambitions.&quot In other words, the choice you want -isn’t- under Literary Ambitions but can be found on the Veilgarden main page.
edited by Sestina Valdis on 12/14/2015

The Writer’s Desk: Begin a Work is below Literary Ambitions on the Veilgarden Storylets. Scroll down the page a little further.

and you only need 40 potential for that special story.

Thanks to everyone who contributed, I’ve figured out my issue-- Sestina was right, my “a name signed with a flourish” quality wasn’t high enough.