Mr. Eaten-The Fisher King? Arthurian Legend?

Okay, so pardon my theorizing here, but has anyone had this idea before? I’m not quite sure how (most of you on this forum are far cleverer, and can probably parse this out if I’m on the right track), but Mr. Eaten seems to have a LOT of Fisher King symbolism. The Fisher King exists as a meeting of Arthurian and Christian Mythos, it ties to the ideas of wounding, consumption, and binding to the land, and I think, most persuasive of all, was a prominent motif in &quotThe Wasteland&quot, and we all know that &quotThe Wasteland&quot is tied deep in to the message.[li]

In addition, certain Eaten events, which I am loathe to elaborate on, tie VERY obviously to Arthurian Legend, not just the candles. I refer specifically to certain parties at a certain carnival.

Do any of you have any ideas?

There’s already a direct callout to the Fisher King via the Urchins, so while themes may be similar, I doubt there is a deeper parallel intended.

I’m not terribly familiar with Arthurian legend, but some sources pop up again and again, and I wouldn’t be the least surprised if this was one of them.

We haven’t actually ever been to the Nadir, yet, but we have spent time browsing the Wiki, and one of the options on the Catafalquerie suggests this as well.
However, it’s likely that the Fisher King is Mr. Eaten, not the other way around. People have said he’s similar to the Phoenix as well, though I don’t have any of their evidence on hand.