Mr. Eaten pays a visit

My alt accepted a message from them and this was the result.

(10 seconds ago) You’ve defeated MrEaten (MrEaten in Fallen London) at chess! You clever devil. You’ve gained 1 x Sudden Insight (new total 5).Watchful is increasing… Making Waves is increasing…

Did anyone got a similar message? He’s a good sport right? right? D:

They’re different users, I’m afraid. One is a regular user with a creative name, the other… isn’t.

Can’t help but feel that impersonating any Master is unwise but this one particularly so…

Poor and unwise soul indeed.

Poor and unwise soul indeed.[/quote]

It’s probably just a coincidence. One is a chap whose surname is Eaten, the other is a chap who was eaten.

Should that guy down the well actually return, I think I know whom he’ll visit first.

– Mal

Considering Mr. Eaten has a Watchful stat of 999, I am fairly confident that we will NEVER see a message saying he’s been defeated at chess.

Challengers advantage means there’s a 14% chance of beating 999 watchful if you have 215 base stat plus 71 from the best gear. The math is (215+71) divided by 999 and multiplied by 50. So it’s a long shot, but you might win as long as you are the one sending the chess challenge.