Mr. Chime's Lost and Found: Lab Assistants?

Mr. Chime’s offers companions that can work in your lab for the equivalent of playing 12 exceptional stories.

I’d like any info on what these companions can actually… offer before I fork over such a high price.

The Protester gives 15 points of research per action on projects relating to weaponry. The Classicist can train students for the cost of only a little research. I haven’t used the others.

The Percipient Cricketer gives a good amount of extra research (I believe I got 26 at lab equipment 9) on anything with a correspondence focus, but there are only two projects that have that at the moment (Remember an Image and Inquiry into the Filtration of Light) and only one is repeatable. She gives me 12 research on ordinary projects.

You get Correspondence focus while enlarging the skeletons.

Apologies if I’m wrong, but isn’t that red science focus? The Fallen London Archives only shows correspondence focus on two projects, while the rest of the parabolan projects and treachery of measures are red science focus. The Cricketer might give extra regarding red science, but I relied on my students for those so I’m not entirely sure. I’ll start an enlargement project and check again.

EDIT: confirmed that red science focus does not affect the Cricketer, she continues to give 12 research.
edited by Mulligan on 7/27/2020

Since red science works on correspondence, I mixed them up.

Cricketer also helps with training.

The Eldest Daughter is great for anything with a toxicological focus. Also has an interaction with the Silk-Clad Expert.

Also it is basically having Wednesday Addams in your lab, which is reason enough.

Where is that option?

The Option to find the Lost and Found is in the Bazaar tab, last storefront.

The Interaction with the Eldest Daughter and Silk-Clad Expert is on the Eldest Daughter’s Card in the Lab.

she also tries very hard not to cry if you dismiss her, so I guess she lives here now ;~;