Moves in the great game...

It seems like a certain option in &quotThe errors of London&quot now gives you 5!(maybe less, or maybe even more) moves in the great game. What are your opinions on this?

Are Moves in the Great Game a new thing? I haven’t encountered them before.

They are a new-ish thing. They were given out as part of the charity drive a few weeks ago but apart from that they are new

IMO: a placeholding resource that may or may be not required in yet-to-be-released stories.

They are probably priced at 50 pence a pop, seeing that other stories give 2.5 / 5 Echoes worth of item and you get Moves in multiples of five.

That is true, im guessing there is no difference in this moves and the ones you get for giving 11 fate for charity as well.