Most profitable use of carnival tickets

I have more than 300 carnival tickets from saving rubbery men and tomb colonists from carnival fires at various junctures. I’m also looking toward grinding for an overgoat at the moment. Any suggestions as to the most profitable use of these tickets?

If you’re willing to spend a little Fate, while attending Mr Wines’ Revels there’s an option that spends something like 25 tickets. I used to do that bit repeatedly to grind Connection:Masters but it’s been a little while since I’ve actually done it, so I don’t remember what that specific action gets you.
Aside from that I don’t know of many uses for them, unfortunately.

Yes, I’ve drawn that card a grand total of 2 times during my time in the Neath. I’ve drawn mood cards more than that, and even the headful of picaresque tales one more than twice in that time. I might start the Master’s Revel carousel again - increasing Connected: Masters sounds pretty enticing!

It takes 50 tickets to use that option for Mr. Wines’ revels. It’s a pretty good choice since the other options cost you 2-4 echoes worth of goods on top of the fate you already paid (and only net you 1 point of Making Waves or a bunch of confident smiles). Whereas there aren’t many other uses for a pile of tickets.

At my level, I like spending them on helping rubbery man. It is 1CP for both Watchful, Persuasive and some Connected: Rubbery Man.

Thanks all for the suggestions!