Most efficient dedicated wedding-grind?

So, I’m trying to grind my way up to 10.000 Wedding Preparation for the BIG shindig. Mostly by myself, since my wife-to-be is… busy. I’ve heard it said that the best way to do it is to simply use whatever resources you have on hand, and whatever you might be getting from your profession - and I have, and I do. Unfortunately, being a Midnighter, the only useful resource I get from my job is a bit of Thirsty Bombazine… which does, indeed, go into the wedding-mill on a weekly basis. I’ve also used whatever I’ve handy. And still, I’ve only barely hit 3000…

So, since I’ve run out of content anyway, I figured I might as well settle down into a dedicated wedding-grind. Good practice for when I start grinding for goats and/or cider, anyway. Question is, what’s the most efficient way to go about that? Several easily-grindable goods can be used for wedding-prep, after all.

At the moment, I’m using the ‘Locate a Reliable Vicar’ option, burning Touching Love Stories and Connected: Church. I’m not going to run out of Touching Love Stories anytime soon, but in order to maintain enough Connected: Church, I have to spend actions at the Carnival and use the Jeweled Reliquary (burning Whispered Secrets) every time, to get back up to 20+. That seems… inefficient. Is it the best way? Or am I better off taking another tack? I’m in for the long haul, so every little bit counts…

Your method doesn’t seem terrible so long as you have all the materials on hand. I think it works out to about 2.5 progress per action in that case (obviously less than that if you need to grind). I see a lot of mention of the Rat option, though. Maybe that’s better when you take resource grinding into account? Far as I can tell getting rats through Unfinished Business would probably make it around 10 progress in 6 actions, so 1.66 progress per action.

Gaining rats by being a Rat Catcher in Watchmaker’s Hill is even faster if you’ve got capped Dangerous and the best dangerous gear. That’s what I did.

Plus you get a bonus supply of rats each week to feed into the wedding.

Wait, now I’m confused… Cecil sounds like he’s referencing the ‘Find a Rat-Catcher to work with’ option under the Department of Menace Eradication, while Sara seems to be talking about the Rat-Catcher occupation…

Well, neither’s really practical, some to that. I put way too much work into becoming a Midnighter (for RP reasons more than the benefits) to start over as a Rat-Catcher… and as for rat-catching work under DME, that probably IS a pretty fast way to get rats… but you lose Connected: Society there too. LOTS of it, even. Which doesn’t bode well for my Salon. >_>

They’re referring to the extra option that shows itself if you have your ratting piece - the Rat-catcher’s special weapon. Using it doesn’t drop connected:society. And if you’re serious about grinding another 7000 points for your wedding, it may be quicker to go rat catcher and then swap back to Midnighter after you’re done (although RP reasons obviously take priority).

Some advice from a player who went all out with his own wedding:

As long as you’re not running out of Touching Love Stories, the Church connection grind is probably going to be the most efficient for now, even accounting for all the actions spent at the Carnival.

Although if you don’t mind taking a detour, taking a certain path in the Soul Trade fate-locked storylet will unlock an option to gain larger amounts of Connected: Church. That’s how I managed to build up a good stock to spend before the wedding prep. Not sure how well it will work for you at this point, though.

In any case, I soon ended up going for the rat option myself, having run out of both Connected: Church and TLS.

By the way, have you spent scrap on certain items to feed the grind? I did in a couple of cases, though just for the flavor text for putting in the rarer kinds of cloth.

The most efficient way to get Connected: Church would be via the Tiny Jewelled Reliquary, via the carnvial would be dismally slow by comparison. I congratulate you on having the patience for such an endevour.

BlakeTheDrake, I was referring to what RandomWalker mentioned, actually being a Rat-Catcher. That’s what I did. Oh, and I also prefer gender neutral pronouns please.

Being a Rat-Catcher with the best dangerous possible nets about 130 rats per action, (as opposed to 110), which ends up cutting off a week or two of grinding. Or something. I can’t remember how long the grind is, it’s long, painfully long. But the rat themed wedding in the Shuttered Palace was worth it.

For reference, I also went all out and got a Letter from the Empress.

Ah, right… that option. Hmm. I might actually have to do it, once I run out of Touching Love Stories. Though really, in a sense, that’s gonna take a LONG time, since I’ve got a ton of stuff that can be side-converted into Memories of the Surface, and then upconverted from there.

As for earning Connected: Church… I’ve played that fate-locked story, but I picked the less… sociable option. Which makes for a great Echo-grind! But not very helpful for making friends in the clergy. I’m not sure I get what the individual of mysterious and indistinct gender above is going on about. The Carnival and the Tiny Jeweled Reliquary isn’t an either-or proposition, it’s an enforced ‘both’. The Carnival is only 1-10, and the Reliquary is only 10-20. You need at least 20 to use the ‘reliable Vicar’ option, and it drops your connected enough to easily take you below 10, depending on how high above 20 the last use of the Reliquary took you. So the routine goes: Find a reliable vicar, go to the Carnival to get Connected: Church back up to 10, use Reliquary to get it from there up to 20, rinse and repeat. Fortunately, I’ve got a huge heap of tickets I’ve nothing better to use for…

Ah, and as for scrap, I’ve gotten a few things that way - including the vaunted Ivory Organza. I’ve also grabbed a couple of bottles of Fourth City Airag from visits to the Nadir and added those to the feast. All nice boosts, but hardly practical in the long run.
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[/i]It didn’t even concieve to me that the option in question could drop your church below 10. I’m used to Call in Favours, Porters from the docks and inviting urchins into your Orphanage all keeping your church above 10 (that last one is easily possible if you do some conflict cards to shuffle levels).

Whoops. That was exceptionally silly of me.

Oh, and the CVR card is worse than the Reliquary? I think? Or, maybe not. My napkin math is telling me that CVR is better. shrug

A wedding is an option only when applying with other player, correct? I can not plan a wedding with a NPC spouse, am I right?

No, you can’t.
Your’s sincerely, Captain Obvious.

Thought so.
A pity.

Welp, there go my plans for a holding a horribly scandalous marriage to a certain boneless individual in the biggest, most fancy location possible. Anyone want to get married? I already have 200,000 rats :P