Mornington Crescent Again

Good day, delicious friends. Thank you for finding a free evening to spend in this marvellous game of sophistry, strategy, and subterranean public transportation. It has been too long since the last game eight 1899s ago, and I am delighted to see you all here. Of course, we will be playing the Cheltenham ruleset, but with the addition of Chilcott, appendix IV. (Appendix III caused some problems with a dessert cart and what may have been a weasel.) A reminder to our zeefaring participants: Mutton Island was played thrice and thus may only be played as part of a Firmament. Finally, Iron Republic rules are strongly discouraged, and play begins on the Surface. Good luck and good banter to all!
I will begin the game as so few good games have begun, with Edmonton Green.


Well, if play begins on the Surface, but Edmonton Green is in London, (which it is) which is not on the Surface, then you’ve created a paradox, strongly implying that Iron Republic Rules are in fact strongly encouraged as opposed to discouraged. Can we get Mr Pages to make a ruling?


My sincerest apologies! I had meant that we would begin with the stations in place at the time of the Fall. A blunder on my part, though thankfully not an unprecedented one. Records of a game between several Zoroastrian masters record a similar blunder. The established ruling permitted the game to continue, but the blundering player was Reflected for four turns. I will thus invoke that precedent, keeping the game in progress and (unfortunately) Reflecting myself.

Well this feels like an opportune time to resurrect the Blackpool Gambit by naming Whitechapel as my opening move.

To remind you all, play continues on the surface but since both previous turns reference a colour in their name, all other moves must now follow a similar suit until the chain is broken. The next player naming a station sans colour will unfortunately be put at risk of Iron’s Whimsy.

Good luck to you all.

If you’ll forgive the new individual of mysterious and indistinct gender experimenting a little, I’m going to say Goldhawk Road, which contains both a colour and an animal, thus allowing the possibility of the Cardinal’s Gantlet and of an aggrieved letter from Mrs Trellis.

Aha! An opportunity! I will play teertS etagsredlA , which contains the colour red, while also -pop- unreflecting myself. What a relief - that was most unpleasant. I must unfortunately turn down the Cardinal’s Gauntlet (one of my favourite variations), but Aldersgate was a risky enough play to make up for it.


I once knew a Khaganian gentleman who unreflected himself thrice in the same turn, terrible mess …

Since we all seem au fait with the rules here, I’m going to mix things up with a lesser spotted Parabolan Pinwheel and play Wood Green/wich - that’s Wood Green plus Greenwich as secondary reinforcement.

Get out of that if you can.


Ohh, a Parabolan Pinwheel, clever! I haven’t seen that variation in quite a while.

I know this is a bit of a gamble, but you only live once, so I will accept the Cardinal’s Gauntlet and play Blackfriars. As a reminder: according to the Appendix IV ruleset (I assume we’re playing with the revised 1899.III Neathy Edition?), the combination of Blackfriars and the Cardinal’s Gauntlet triggers a dose of the Cardinal’s Honey rule which is now active on the next three moves, so watch out.

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Cardinal’s honey! Well, if this hasn’t suddenly become a very interesting game! With the Gauntlet in play as well, I think my only choice is to join in the madness. I’ll play Gants Hill, passing the Gauntlet east and narrowly bypassing the Pinwheel. I know this may seem in violation of Appendix IV, but it has precedent as a rather dashing play in the Finchley-Flowerdene Invitational of 1898. (A great set of games, but cut sadly short by Jack-of-Smiles.)


Um, I hate to be that person, but I’m fairly certain that the results of any games forming part of the curtailed FFI of 1898 were declared null and void; I’m afraid there’s no precedent here though I absolutely applaud your intent, exceptionally brave play!

We would normally reset here with the transgressing player being declared out of bounds until we see a Snuffer’s Shambles, but I propose we simply jump back a step with a new departure point of East Aldgate to keep things simple.

Only with your agreement of course?

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You make a very good point! I had forgotten about the ruling there (a bit too much laudanum, I think). Let us proceed rather from Blackfriars, however, as it was the last valid station. A reminder: the Gauntlet has been accepted, Cardinal’s Honey is in effect for three moves, and a Parabolan Pinwheel is on the board. Forward!

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Well that rather seems to have stumped everyone!

I’ll jump into the gap here. As Cardinal’s Honey is active, I’ll start with Westminster Cathedral and dream walk my way to Piccadilly Circus , skirting very close to my own Pinwheel whilst I do.

Anyone dare to join me?

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A-ha! I will invoke Irons’ Whimsy, as mentioned previously by your own honourable self, and execute a Lateran Swing to Bromley-by-Bow. This does open up a rather unnerving Neathward gambit, but I doubt anyone present will be able to spot it.

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