More Zee-Fever?

The most recent patch today seems to have reset the Zee-Fever quality on my Scion to zero, as I can now gift him/her with things from my travels again.
However, it didn’t get rid of the &quotyour child has gone to sea&quot quality that I’ve established previously when I filled up the Zee-Fever rating to 20.
Retiring my captain without raising the Zee-Fever to 20 also doesn’t seem to effect my current captain’s Scion legacy either.

Is this a relatively harmless bug or does increasing the Zee-Fever of your child even after he/she has decided and has been granted permission to go to sea do anything else?

By the way, the new child picture displayed whenever you return and interact with your family is adorable! Cute little scamp with eyes full of wonder.
edited by Bardigan on 1/11/2015

The new magic number for zee-fever to get your kid to run off is 25 now.

Part of me wants that number to be random, and unstated. I mean, every kid is different right?

FYI, this seems to just be an adjustment to the new level in the new patch. If you already have a Scion from the last patch, and take a new Scion up to 25 Zee-fever, nothing bad will come of it (you’ll still get one scion legacy for your next character).

However, as mentioned, it doesn’t seem that you need to do this to get that scion legacy if you already did it before the patch for your current character, if you don’t want to.