More than one area to change clothes?

Equipping items is either everywhere, or limited to one area. [li]

Suppose I am a Generic Superhero Type who needs to change clothes to equip superpowers and unequip them to vanish. I have a &quotPhone Booth&quot area where this is possible.

Problem is, there can only be one phone booth in the world. I can take the superhero to the phone booth from anywhere, but when he exits, there’s no way to know where he came from initially.

I suppose the only way to do this is to have a &quotWhere from?&quot quality when entering the phone booth such as &quotEntered from 46th Avenue&quot and this unlocks one of many storylets that shuttle him back to the correct area.

Anyone have any other strategies for this?

Is there a way to make the Phone Booth a Setting, rather than an Area, and have the option to change clothes appear in any Area but only at that one Setting?
edited by Torrain on 5/9/2013

You could have it so each area has a storylet to enter a phonebooth, which also sets a quality showing where you came from.

“Below” does something similar. Your “area” is marked by the Depth quality, and you can change gear when you make camp. When you make camp, you change to the camp area but your depth quality does not change.

Makes sense, Urthdigger. Torrain - it almost seems like Setting would be a better choice for limiting where you can change clothes, but alas this is how FB set it up.