More options?

So I noticed the game that FBG made, and I was wondering if and how one would go about adding the customisation (im reffering to the gender/avatar choice)
Also, if not, is there at least a way to give the player an avatar (or I should say icon, but you know what I mean) in the form of an item to equip?

Are these questions or suggestions?

For gender choice; set up a quality, call it Gender or Form of Address or whatever you want. Under “Level options”, set a description and a number for whatever options you want to make available. So, for instance, you could have Sir at 1, Madam at 2 and Citizen at 3, or so forth. Then, when you want to use the form of address, type [q:Gender] or [q:Address] or whatever quality name you use. So if you have “Hello [q:Addressed as]” in your text field, in game it’ll display as “Hello sir/madam/citizen”. If you want to use a few forms of address, I think you’ll need to use several qualities; say “Formal Address” and “Informal Address”

For avatar selection; make another quality called Avatar or whatever you want, give it the Avatar category, then under “Level Option”, set Level Images for every picture you want to use. So level 1 could be a picture of a man, level 2 could be a picture of a woman, level 3 could be a picture of an egg and so forth. Then if someone wants to look like an egg, you set their Avatar quality to 3, and a picture of an egg will appear in the top left.

Given that we can now have custom icons as well, you could really go to town with avatar options… assuming you’ve got the art skills to back it up!