Moon League - Fantastic plays and foils!

A thread to commemorate spectacular plays by our fellow Moon League players.

I was playing my third match against a particular opponent, starting in the Baroque form of the Imponderable Egg. I was defending.

  1. Seeking to open with a dose of mystery, I employed the clever gambit of the Devil’s Gyre, boosting my Baroque and Elusive at the same time.
  2. My opponent responded by raising their Baroque.
  3. I responded in kind by raising my Baroque.
  4. My opponent chose to Gambit, and left me a taunting message informing me that as we are both raising Baroque, we shall end evenly matched.
  5. I took the challenge personally and switched forms using a Sense of Urgency, adopting the Elusive form of the Spiralled Shadow
  6. I then chose to raise my Elusive, responding with a taunt of my own that &quotconsistency is the hobgoblin of small minds&quot.
  7. I immediately went for an Ambush, only to discover that the Gambit had been none other than a Flight to the Flit. My Elusive advantage was ruined!
  8. Realizing I was now outmatched in Baroque and unable to attack in Elusive, my only remaining options were to wait to be slaughtered by my opponent’s attack or press for a direct confrontation.
  9. I chose to Savagely attack my opponent.

I did manage to score a victory, but upon checking my messages I discovered that they had been playing the Fatal-clawed Bat and outclassed me by 30 points in Savage. I won only thanks to RNG’s blessing in those final moments. An amazing ploy of bait and taunt that should have defeated me handily.

I would also like to point out for players looking for strategic plans - had my opponent used Villein’s Friends instead of Flight to the Flit as their gambit, I would have walked directly into the trap without a second thought.
edited by Zee! on 5/12/2013

That sounded like an intense duel, i felt like i was involved.

I’ve actually had more or less that exact duel happen, only I was the one losing on my high stat after the bluff, and I can only guess at my opponent’s situation as this was before it began announcing forms.

I had an interesting duel the yesterday. It started out fine i made a true move i can only assume she bluffed so then i bluffed aswell then before she had a chance to move i opened a box and this dammed starveling cat popped out only to finish me off. Wounds at 9 just before 10 with the horse head amulet.

Or there could be some extra benefit to using a Savage attack to put it on par with Elusive. Maybe you get extra Rostygold based on your Savage?