Money & Nightmares

Hi All,

Me again, still lovin the Fallen London experience haha.

Got a question though (well a million actually, but I try and answer most myself)…

How do I get money? I have lots of what I’m terming &quotloot&quot from various storylets (catching cats, hooking up with that artists model, etc…) and I also have some of what seems like higher-level loot, but I’ve yet to get any echoes or pence. Do I sell my loot to get cash? I don’t know what i should be keeping and what I should be selling though; I don’t want to sell something really good or that I need.

Also, I did a story and got 4 nightmares; is this a problem? how do I get rid of them? will they fade naturally over time? (I’m reading the 'managing menances thread right now, so maybe the answer is there, if so I’ll find it).

How can I let you guys see my profile/inventory ?

Thanks :)
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Last question first - on your myself page just below your cameo and mantelpiece is a View Profile button. Click on that and your profile will open in a new page - copy the address and paste it into a message. That is all another player can see, not your inventory.

To get echoes and pennies you have to sell stuff in the Bazaar, early game I wouldn’t worry too much about stockpiling loads of stuff but keep a few of everything - just sell enough to get whatever other item you want. You’ll soon find out if an item is easy to replace or not.

When nightmares get to 8 you go to a menace zone, either the Royal Beth or the Mirror Marches, if you have a Memory of Light. In both you just have to complete playing cards and//or storylets until your nightmares reach 0. The Royal Beth will drop your dream qualities on leaving and the mirror marches take a memory of light and give wounds. Both are worth a visit at least once :) But if you want to stop yourself going there visit your lodgings - when your nightmares are above 3 a storylet opens that lets you share your nightmares with another player. It costs a Sudden insight (the watchful second chance) which you get by playing chess with another player or from some stories. There are also cards that will drop your nightmares.

Few actions give money directly, so yes, you will have to sell some of your loot to gain cash. As a general rule, do not sell anything that you cannot replace easily, as you never know when you;ll have a need for some odd item in a story. Once you get a better feel for the game, you’ll be able to tell what is and isn’t more valuable as loot than items. In general, Nevercold Brass, Deep Amber, and Rostygold are safe to sell off, just keeping a little on hand for stories. They are typically not needed often and easy to replace. Things like Tales of Terror or Zee-Stories, on the other hand, can often have a value far above their listed worth due to what they can be used in.

NIghtmares and other menaces can be a problem, but only a minor one. THere is exactly one action in the entirety of the game that can remove your character completely from the game, and it’s not even open right now. So don’t worry too much about going mad, succumbing to your wounds, visiting jail, or getting exiled- they are temporary problems and you can work your way free and return to the normal game. They tend to have some interesting lore and opportunities tucked in them, though often hard to fin. Basically, don’t intentionally let your menaces get too high, but it’s not the end of the world if you do…

And yes, there are certain actions that will lower your menaces, plus every week when Time, the Healer visits you with your monthly pay you will also get a small reduction to each menace.

Regarding the profile, click on the “Myself” tab in the game, and then click the “View Profile” button alittle ways under your portrait. That will give you a new page that others can visit to see your character’s profile. Here’s mine, for example.

I should say that there are five menace zones, (the two for nightmares, also one each for wounds, scandal and suspicion) on the whole they are not too bad and you might need to go into one to follow a story. But going back to Prison repeatedly will eventually have consequences so I would try to avoid that as much as possible.
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Good point, Lady Ciel. I rarely revisit New Newgate, so I’d forgotten to mention that.

Also, there’s a fifth Menace Zone, an alternate to the regular Nightmare zone, but I’ll let Sir Sheepish discover that one on his own. It’s a fun surprise the first time you trigger it instead of the normal one.

[quote=Mordaine Barimen]Things like Tales of Terror or Zee-Stories, on the other hand, can often have a value far above their listed worth due to what they can be used in.[/quote]These third tier resources can also be converted ‘sideways’ for other third tier resources in a circle of thirteen different resources. But only 50 at a time, so if you can get 50 of one kind you can convert it round and round and get whichever other third tier resource you might need. So you might not have to save all of them if you’d rather sell a few.

You guys are awesome, thanks so much for the replies :)

I’m not too worried about the nightmares bit anymore, but I did read something somewhere about dying meaning I can’t go back to the surface(?) so I’m a bit concerned about my wounds, but they’re only at 2 for the moment.

What’s bad about going back the prison a bunch of times? Like a permanent problem?

I haven’t basically sold anything at this point; just some rats I farmed for some rostygold.

If I have &quotfull&quot inventory slots, am I blocked from getting more of that type of item?
eg: Under Curiosity I have 6 things, Darkdrop Coffee, Nephrite Magnifying Glass, 2 redezvous (1 at the hill, 1 with constable), a head full of picaresque tales (worth big money, not sure what to do with it) and some case notes.

Just in playing it seems like the easiest thing for me to get is whispered secrets, (I’ve got 755) or maybe pearls (436). I’ve also got about 100 rostygold and Jade and Glim.

I also have memories of light, of the surface, zee stories, and distant shores; but only a couple.

At this point I’ve basically learned that I like chasing cats, talking to the sculptor, and I am developing a real honey addiction hahaha

I recommend being sent to prison at least once. It gives a chance to make an acquaintance with a certain side character, which then opens very lucrative options.

Yes. At present that has no in-game effects, but I suspect that eventually, when the endgame is put into place, it will affect the story options available to you. (Unless you obtain Hesperidean Cider, of course.) However, that is a looooooong way away. Fortunately, you can easily burn actions to heal wounds, so it’s no trouble if you really want to take the long view and keep all your options open.

No, there’s no inventory slot cap.

I’d keep hold of those actually. I’ve found them useful, once you’re in the Flit, with dealing with suspicion.
Also keep stockpiling Whispered Secrets - very useful when you get to the Forgotten Quarter.

Hahaha, well what should I sell then?

I was thinking of spending some of those whispered secrets to get a new dwelling; I moved in with the old widow at the beginning, was thinking of taking apartments above the bookstore. Would this be a good idea? Will I lose my bohemian sculptor questline? (That’s a neighbor quest right?).

In the interests of not asking blind questions, I have exhaustively reproduced my inventory below :

Selected Equipment:
4 warm amber (keep 1 sell 3?)
1 grubby kitten (I love her…unless she’s worth a lot)
4th city rags
glad rags, rags, workmans clothes, bloodstained suit, shabby cloak, faded suit (all for basic stat manipulation) Same with magician’s gloves and mask of the rose.

105 Foxfire candels, 2 distant shores
114 Glim, 1 sea story
20 surface currency
1 coffee, 1 nephrite lens, 1 headful of picaresque tales (I think I should keep this?)
130 Jade Fragments
16 Scrap, 436 Pearls, 36 Nevercold Brass, 90 Rostygold, 3 Relic of the 4th city
3 Intriguing Gossip
99 Lamplighter Wax, 2 Memory of Light
783 Whispered Secret, 164 Cryptic Clue, 2 Appalling Secret, 1 Tale of Terror
65 Honey, 1 Romantic Notion, 2 Vision of the Surface
27 Silk Scrap
1 Rat on a Stick
36 Deep Amber
1 Incendiary Gossip
125 1879 Wine, 20 1882 Wine, 3 Absinthe

Apparently I also have Profession : Enquirer but I don’t know where I got it or what it does for me.

Selling the headful of picaresque tales is actually a safe bet, coz’ the card can come around again only if you don’t have it. It’s not very common, though, but the Tales don’t do anything and you can’t permanently lose them.
Moving lodgings only affects your hand size; you won’t lose access to the Bohemian Sculptress or anything.
Surface currency and relics of the fourth city are nearly totally useless; you can sell them if you want. Most other items have some use somewhere at some point, so it can be hard to decide what exactly to sell. You could sell a few of every item; say, rounding to the nearest 50 or 100 or 10 or whatever, or decide on a reserve value to keep in case of emergencies and sell anything above that occasionally.

In the mean time, you may wanna check out this list for some hella early capital boosts. Lots of the items granted are fairly useful here and there later, but you can sell just a few of them and have some good cash to start off with. The Puzzling Map is useless, so you can sell that for sure.

I’m probably not as far through the game as most other users here, and still opening up new areas, and because of that I’ve found that I generally hold on to most of my inventory, because you never know when you’re suddenly going to need 200 of this, or 50 of that. If I need to sell something I usually go for rostygold or moon pearls as I always seem to have loads and haven’t too much use for them so far.

If there’s one thing I’ve found in Fallen London it’s that it’s best not to get too caught up on whether you’re doing things the &quotright&quot or &quotbest&quot way though. Just experiment, try things out. Sell all your worldy goods for an overgoat, or be a crazy hoarder. Things can go awry but that adds to the fun.

[quote=Spacemarine9]Selling the headful of picaresque tales is actually a safe bet, coz’ the card can come around again only if you don’t have it. It’s not very common, though, but the Tales don’t do anything and you can’t permanently lose them.[/quote]I did not now that. I kinda assumed that this opportunity card was a one-time thing.
So, the condition for the card appearing is to have no headful of picaresque tales and no blue stone? Is it a VeryInfrequent card?

It took me months of playing to get that card after it was introduced dov, so I think it is Veryinfrequent or I was very unlucky :)

As for selling things - if they are items that can be converted either up or sideways I tend not to sell them until I get to the top tier item. There is a chance of getting a bonus item when you convert. The one exception to this is whispered secrets it is not really worth it and they can be very useful later in the game - either getting expedition supplies in the Forgotten Quarter, or when you have enough, a couple of the lodgings.

As for the lower value items you are reasonably safe selling Nevercold Brass: Deep Amber; Relics of the Second and Fourth Cities; Moon Pearls and Rostygold,

Actually it is worth looking at Penstock in the Bazaar tab to see what you need to get new lodgings, the ones you can buy open up some new opportunities.
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Wow, thanks so much to all of you who responded. The community in this game is awesome!

Can’t believe I went so long and had no idea it even existed lol, glad I found it. I think I’m going to break my personal rule about not buying Early Access Games and get Sunless Sea as well… this is a dev I want to support.

@SpaceMarine9 : Thank you so much for that stuff, I’m not really sure how that worked and I hope it was ok that I clicked more than one option… In all honesty I was suspicious as heck at first because the links take you to a FL sign-in page and I thought it might be some kind of phising attempt… so I just closed out. Then I logged in a bit later from the normal page and had free stuff, that’s when I realized you were being legit haha. All the links had stuff except for the 5 coffee’s was gone. Read your blog a bit too! Thanks again :)

@ Lady Ciel Thanks for sticking with the thread with your insights :)

If you used those access codes it may very well be worth at looking at the lodgings available at the Bazaar - if I remember correctly some of them give things that will let you buy new rooms.

Of course I stick with the threads, I love the game and want others to love it as well so any hints and tips I can give I do :)
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Please, don’;t be afraid to ask for advice at any point. We’re a rather welcoming group and pretyt supportive. You might also consider visiting the IRC channel in SpaceMarine9’s signature file. I never saw a link to your profile. I’m currently working on another run of my newspaper, so if I can make your acquaintace, I might send an interview or two your way. (The interview request would appear in your messages tab, and when clicked would use one action and lower both your Suspicion and Scandal.) You would be more than welcome to hold onto them to use at your leisure, as I have other sources of stories for my tabloid. ;)

Profile links are useful if you want to use the social actions. Go to the myself page and under you cameo there is a View Profile Button. Click on that and copy the address and add it to your message that way people can find you easily. Some people don’t use the same forum name as their in game name so it can be difficult to find them without a link.

I haven’t been on IRC in ages, but I’ll check it out once I get home (I have a lot of leeway at work, but that’s maybe taking advantage; depends how caught up I get in it).

A run of your newspaper? This is a game thing I take it? Kind of like the short story I’ve dumped far too many actions into?

I updated an avatar and a profile link, looks like it back filled into my previous posts too.

How do friends work in game? I leave a contact card from my lodging?

I had a question about professions, I was thinking I might make a new topic though, that cool?

Thanks :)
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