Monetisation and the action limit

Hi. So I was wondering if it was possible to build a world on StoryNexus that didn’t have the action limit, and just allowed players an infinite amount of actions. Is this something that can be done, or is there an issue with it that prevents it being possible? I know why the action limit is a thing - to pace out the gameplay of a world so the player doesn’t blaze through it and lose interest - but it doesn’t suit the project I’m looking to make.
edited by Bunton on 3/21/2015

Yes, it’s perfectly possible. Monetisation is being switched off soon anyway, but regardless, what you can do is just set the action bank and refresh rate to the highest levels.

So then what happens to Nex stories and actions in Fallen London?

They’re unaffected. They’re just turning off Nex in StoryNexus. There’s a separate thread about it. They are open to discussion about the whole thing though.