Modern Fallen London?

Ladies, gentlemen and other well-respected people, I would like to invite you all to some late night brainstorming.
As much as I love London’s current state, I find myself unable to stop thinking about a modern!AU Fallen London.

What if London fell now, in its real life version? Could the modern technology and all the weird things happening in the city co-exist?

I shudder to imagine computers made in Polythreme that tell everybody about those websites you’ve been visiting…
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They’d probably use computers to make the dawn machine…
It could mind control people over the internet.
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Oh, and the Great Game would probably use a lot of hackers. And there would be a lot more love stories in circulation.

Mr Silicon, Mr Plastic, Mr Gasoline…

FL 2020 CyberMasters, chummers!
data_admin, raves_admin, ammo_admin, lewt_admin, battery_admin, fork sacks_admin, wetware_admin, sudo chimes_admin, stealth_admin, [deleted%%error]_admin

The sixth city is San Jose? The Masters have banned OKCupid as interfering with the natural course of love stories.

Starring Facebook as the Dawn Machine…

Ratwork i-phones and the invasion of privacy that comes with them.

Fallen Columbia, sold by the Bullheaded Justice who loved the donations of an influential firm. “Money is love,” muses Mr Elections. “We always knew it to be the case.” Somewhere forgotten, a Bazaar screams.

All the rich people live forever in the neath while the poor suffer and die on the overpopulated surface like some crazy inverted version if Elysium. Enter our hero who must discover the name of Mr. Eaten, who was killed by the other masters for his progressive ideas, in order to spur the lorn flukes to action and bring social equality to the masses.

Seeking Mr Eaten’s Name would probably involve basilisk hacks.
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Hmm, modern Fallen London… here’s what I think as a modern Londoner:

  • The Shock-Haired Mayor would be only to eager to sell the city to the Masters, and would trumpet the Fall as a foreign investment coup.
  • The Handsome Townhouse would cost over a million Romantic Notions.
  • The Revolutionaries would have been supplanted by the Hipsters. Caligula’s would be an imported lager bar/rockabilly diner. Clathermont would be the most successful businessman in the Neath.
  • The New Sequencers would be big into gentrification.
  • Mr Pages would own all of the free newspapers.
  • Anybody with money would live on Mutton Island and commute into the city.
  • The headlines would read &quotWORLD CUT OFF FROM LONDON&quot