Modding not possible anymore?

Greetings !

In the past, I could mod the ships value in the qualities.json file at C:\Users\me\AppData\LocalLow\Failbetter Games\Sunless Sea\entities

However, it seems that even after saving the my changes, when I launch the game, the values go back to the original ones. Thus my modding don’t work.

What is possible to do to make modding working again ?

Richard Gordon LEthbridge-Steward, a modding captain.

There’s been a lot of updates to the game recently, which resets the json files. Could that be it?

Unfortunately, no.

I mod again the files after the updates, save the change, but there is no changes in the game.

If I launch the game, and alt-tab to open again the json file, it has been reset again.

So it seems that launching the game reset the files. Thus modding is impossible for now.

I wonder if this is linked to the mod that allowed access to premium content (but which was allegedly OK’ed by FBG)


Did you try to duplicate the .json file and put it in the addon directory?
The more elaborate way would be for you to copy the qualities you wish to edit in a new file called qualities.json then put this new file in Sunless Sea/addon/modname/entities. This would make sure you don’t overwrite any updates with your mod, and allow you to mod your ships the way you like.

I didn’t knew about this possibility.

It works perfectly well!

Thanks Machallan !

My pleasure :)