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So, I dug Sunless Sea out of my seachest (i.e. steam backlog) again, thinking I’d maybe I’d finish a few more endgames before Zubmariner comes out and I got thinking about modding. Mostly, I wanted to add a bit more variety to sea travel by adding a few more random events. Had a few ideas of what to add too, mostly based on sea-based books I’ve read and Fallen Londons Zee-travel storylets.

A few questions, however, and I’d be very happy if someone could perhaps help this newcomer to the world of modding.

First of all, is there no better way to add events than to edit that monster of a file, events.json? Just trying to put it in readable form in notepad++'s JSON viewer brings my poor little home computerlet to its needs. (Wouldn’t it be nice if there were subfiles like &quotPort events&quot, &quotZee events&quot, &quotOfficer events&quot?) Do I understand the modding guide correctly that it would be possible to just add a file called &quotevents.json&quot to the addon folder that contains only new events? Is there a better way to view things, so I can get a bit more of an idea of what an event should actually look like when correctly formated?

Second, is there a list of the various item IDs somewhere? Like, locations, qualities, etc?

Third, does anyone have a more indepth guide of what exactly various things in those files mean? Like, what is stickiness? Would anyone perhaps have made any examples already?

Maybe, if I figure these thigns out with some more experimentation, I might post my findings here for others to follow. If I do not return from the JSON jungles, do not mourn for me, fellow players, for I died chasing a dream and doing what I love.
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[color=#3399CC]Hello Eldan,

We have some modding Guidelines which were posted on our Steam Community Forum, hopefully this will help answer a lot of your questions :).

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No, I read those. That’s how I got as far as I am now. (Plus what little programming experience I have.) I was wondering if any of the users had done any more guides anywhere, mostly.

But thank you.
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[color=#3399CC]The Steam Forum has a section dedicated to Modding where a lot of players share or discuss their own Mods. You may find answers there to some of the problems you are likely to encounter. It would certainly be the best place to ask questions of others who are going through the modding process. [/color]

I’d be very interested in this, too. I had asked about something related not too long ago:
I’m sure some users have modded the hell out of this game, it’s just a matter of getting them to share their findings in a language non-programmers like me understand… ;)
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Yeah. I guess this is a more general question too, but surely, the modding scene for this game can’t be as small as it looks. In all my searching and googling, I’ve found a number of mods to be counted on one hand (not counting the different versions of faster ships/less fuel usage/less terror mods) and not much discussion at all about modding. A thread were people exchange their knowledge of modding and perhaps share what they are working on would be helpful indeed.

The steam community has been mentioned above, but I’ve looked through it a while ago, and it seems mostly screenshots and tutorials, and again, not much on modding at all.

Use this:

I have already dug in some of the files, and I think I can try to help you.

  1. You can absolutely have a new events.json file in your mod, with only the new stuff or the one that you modified. It is even recommended, as the fils in your mod folder will overwrite the others, thus erasing updated events.

2)I haven’t found one. Most of the qualities are listed in qualities.json, but you’ll have to look into the different files to find out what you need. ctrl+f is your best friend ;)
Also, the wiki can sometimes help you and provide you the IDs.

3)Nope, no guide made so far. At least, there was none when I looked for it, two weeks ago.

I know I’m one week late, but I hope that this message would prove useful :)

You can check out this online tool, this tool can easily create json from scratch with nice drag and drop feature and it has feature to set date, which i have not seen in any other json editor.
Online Json Editor | WYSIWYG Json Editor | CodeDestine

What counts as a single Event? I can’t really tell.