Mod: Vessel Tweaks

This mod aims to make the early and special vessels more viable for play in mid game in a balanced way.

Personally I was frustated with how guides adviced against buying the early and late game story vessels. Also I could not find any mod that addresed this problem without breaking gamebalance. Therefore I decided to make it myself.

Vessel Tweaks at Sunless Sea Nexus - Mods and community

simply unpack the zip file in addon folder (C:\Users[username]\AppData\LocalLow\Failbetter Games\Sunless Sea\addon)

Modification overview:
Stymphalos-class Steam Launch: overhoaled to be a viable little vessel
Lampad-class Cutter: 10% improvement to Hold Capacity
Phorcyd-class Corvette: 20% improvement to Hold Capacity
Leucothea-class Steam-Yacht: reduce weight by 33% and increased hull by 20%
Cladery Heart: doubled Iron Bonus

Modification Details:

Stymphalos-class Steam Launch:
Hull: 15 (was 1)
Hold Capacity: 10 (was 5)
Veils bonus: 15 (was 2)

Ligeia-class Steamer (starting vessel):
no changes

Lampad-class Cutter:
Hold Capacity: 33 (was 30)

Phorcyd-class Corvette:
Hold Capacity: 48 (was 40)

Leucothea-class Steam-Yacht:
Weight: 2000 (was 3000)
Hull: 300 (was 250)

Cladery Heart:
Iron Bonus: 10 (was 5)

Any feedback would be welcome
edited by CoolDemon on 3/7/2021
edited by CoolDemon on 3/7/2021