MOD: The Clockwork Oracle. It... *knows* things.


My first attempt at a mod for Sunless Sea, so I thought I’d go big. Over 10MB(!) big, as it turns out. Download from the link in the README file, or just by [color=#0079d3]clicking this link[/color].

The motivation was to remove a few of the more annoying deaths-by-ignorance in the early game when you’re just starting out, and to provide an in-game (and in-universe!) mechanism to remove the temptation to break immersion and check the wiki every time you need a particular item for a quest or story progression.

The mod adds an in-game hold item you can acquire from London, that you can use to get hints on how and where to start looking for almost any item, knowledge, attribute or quality in the game. It won’t always necessarily tell you exactly where to find whatever you ask it for (especially for obscure items tied to lengthy quest-lines), but it should at least give you enough of a hint to start you off in the right direction.

If you’re a learner who’s sick of dying needlessly because there are certain things you &quotjust have to know&quot, or a veteran zee-captain who’s tired of grinding or checking the wiki for every quest item and quality you need, this mod’s for you.

The mod’s still under development and feedback is actively encouraged, especially for balancing/usability improvements. Does it make the game too easy? Should the hints be more/less detailed? Should it cost more/less/be available from a different port?

Yours deliciously,


P.S. Oh, and forgot to mention - it also comes with a handy set of mod-tools and javascript libraries to allow aspiring mod-authors to explore the whole game’s JSON data-files, understand how they work and make it easier to produce game-mods of your own.

More info on the github page above - if anyone’s interested in this let me know and I’ll put a bit more love into polishing and documenting them for general consumption.

You are a god! (I say now before seeing the mod tools in action, but this is awesome!)

I really wish I could download mods like this, but I have a Mac. Do you know how difficult it is to access files on a Mac? I can fit through the Barnesmore Gap more easily with a Dreadnought than I can access steam files on my computer.

It is indeed a pain in the ass, but try the suggestions here:

Note for MrFhlanje: I installed the mod tools from Github, but when I opened the files in my Chrome browser on El Capitan, I got a lot of messages like the following:

  • ERROR: No handler for file Associations_import.json[/li][li]ERROR: No handler for file Associations.json[/li][li]ERROR: No handler for file Autosave.json[/li][li]ERROR: No handler for file CombatAttacks_import.json[/li][li]CombatAttacks.json (application/json) - 26967 bytes, last modified: 9/7/2015[/li][li]ERROR: No handler for file combatconstants_import.json[/li][li]ERROR: No handler for file combatconstants.json[/li][li]ERROR: No handler for file CombatItems_import.json[/li][li]ERROR: No handler for file CombatItems.json[/li][li]ERROR: No handler for file config.json[/li][li]ERROR: No handler for file events_import.json[/li][li]events.json (application/json) - 12671541 bytes, last modified: 9/7/2015

and so on. Note that every so often it said there was no handler, then opened the file. Is this normal, or is this a bug?
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