MOD: Sunless Speed - Increased Game Speed

I modified the game files to run at an increased factor. Since there is no flat &quotgame speed&quot parameter in the game, this multiplies or divids a bunch of time & speed related parameters by some factor accordingly.

I’ve found 3x to work best, but if people are interested, I can generate mod files at different speed factors, such as 2x or 4x.

3x Version: September 9th, 2015!Ps8l2ByT!Y4B8S-VMGIBVhVodfNIR0Hnt6bpI5MTVKkQms4xWlOw

Plans for future work:
- Make the mod less greedy. In each of the files that it opens, it touches nearly every single item of the JSON. Maybe this can be streamlined.

  • Improve ship physics. There is possibly more going on with the ratios of acceleration:topspeed, or distance:fuel, that my simple factors are not accounting for. I would need help understanding any non-linear equations, if that is the case.
    edited by ChickenStrip on 9/12/2015
    edited by ChickenStrip on 9/12/2015

Hey, finding this a couple months late, but I was wondering whether you could upload a mod at 2x speed.