Mod - Rulers of the Salt Steppe

Salutations, fellow captains!

At the occasion of Sunless Sea’s third anniversary, I’m releasing a new mod, centered around the Khanate, with favours to earn, a new ship, new items, and the possibility to work directly for the New Khanate. If you are interested, head here: Rulers of the Salt Steppe at Sunless Sea Nexus - Mods and community

The mod is in a finished state, but awaits art for the new items.

Feedback is always appreciated, and I hope this mod will be to your taste.

Good luck and fair zee!

what kind of art is it missing. Item icons?
Can you describe what’s needed? Maybe some enterprising person could help!

Icons for the figureheads. Supposedly, someone is already taking care of it, but it’s been months :(

Oh my, I never stopped believing it will get released, at some point. Can’t wait to try it! I wonder if you have included any War with the Rosers lore…

Any conflicts/warnings? Does it expect fresh save, or should work as well during ongoing campaign? What about one of the power having dominion already?

This is really a nice gift for the Feast of Exceptional Rose. Thank you!

Should be fine with an ongoing campaign, just keep in mind the usual precautions to take when you mod your game :)

Your enthusiasm is really heartwarming :)

Wow, that’s excellent news! Right when I decided to launch Sunless Sea once again after 6 months of oblivion and die once more. Thanks a lot!

I gave the mod a try in my latest playthrough of the game, and I must say, a few easily fixable spelling mistakes aside, it’s quite impressive! I always had that desire to completely betray Fallen London… The figureheads are a lovely alternative for a very underutilized ship equipment slot, and I finally managed to get the Khanate supremacy all the way up. Now I have the full set! Thanks a lot for the mod!

Thanks for the feedback! :D

I’ll take a look at my text again to try and find those spelling mistakes :)