Mod - All Legacies At Start

I made this mod about a year ago.

I thought I posted it here, but I guess I never did.

Here: LegacyEXTREME - All At Start :: Sunless Sea Sunless Sea Mods

The mod simply triggers a one-time event shortly after leaving Wolfstack Docks for the first time. It may also provide a deed to a steam yacht. This is not strictly for new games. Probably.

— Assumed Questions —

I got a &quotfatal error&quot message in the main menu when I attempted to start my game! This is apparently normal. Simply try starting again and it should work without issue.

Will having the deed lock me out of the Neathbow quest? No. You can still pursue the quest and get the rewards as normal.

Who was that shadowy figure? shrugs An old character concept of mine. If youre a very old follower of mine, you may recognize them as… TEF.

Can I edit this mode or use it as a template for the making of another mod? Sure. It is just a ‘simple’ script for a single event.

Does the achievement gained from the event have any further use? No. It simply produces flavor. It also might prevent the event from rapid-firing over and over again- I don’t remember. Again, I made this a year ago.

Excellent work!

Good thing for debugging other mods. Unnecessary pool.