Mobile version

I’ve seen on the news page that a mobile version of Sunless Sea is planned for development. Does Failbetter plan to have a one-time purchase for this game, or to use microtransactions? If it is the latter, that would make some aspects of Sunless Sea (getting echoes/leveling up are slow, for example) a little bit suspect. Loving the game so far, that last few patches especially have really made it great, but it would be a bummer if aspects of the game we all paid a full price for are balanced around future micro-transactions.

Hopefully a bunch of people don’t jump down my throat: I am not sowing a conspiracy or saying this is what’s happening, merely reaching out to the devs and asking a question.

I would be very surprised if they planned microtransactions. They have indicated that Sunless Sea is a complete game (albeit with proper expansions planned) than the F2P style game, which FL is more like

Yeah, that’s what I figured. I don’t mind the F2P nature of Fallen London, but that’s a bit different, in that it’s less of a ‘gamey’ game.

[color=#009900]Conductorbosh: no, of course not, don’t be silly.[/color]

Reassuring where reassurance isn’t needed. But not all players will have stalked you guys long enough to realise you’re not evil. Ok. Not very evil. Fine, fine, not entirely utterly evil. All right, there’s Seeking. You’re evil. This just isn’t your brand of it.

Conductorbosh: It has been made very clear elsewhere, and from the very beginning, that Sunless Sea is standalone, and won’t have any F2P elements or microtransactions - but such posts may have become obscured by the mass enthusiasms on the KickStarter and forums. So I guess it is good that Alexis stated it clearly here for people who may just have skim read elsewhere.

Thanks for the confirmation Alexis! Pretty much what babelfishwars said. I’m relatively new to Failbetter’s games, so I’m still becoming fully aware how great you guys are. There are plenty of companies out there who would do just what I asked about; I was 98% sure you guys wouldn’t but it feels great to be 100%. You can go ahead and lock/delete this, or just leave it up so any other newcomers to Failbetter’s with the same question can find it.