Mister Wines and F.F. Gerbrandt

I have been tasked with looking in to this F.F. Gerbrant woman for Mister Wines but so far have not yet figured out a way to actually to do this. I have gathered it is linked to an opportunity card and that I may have surpassed the stat cap for the story - at 101 persuasive. However I understand a talkative rattus faber might help me? Will it? Do these cards only appear in certain locations? Any other advice would be welcome.

The Rat should help you get within the 57-87 range where the card should appear (well according to the wikia anyways). I think the opp. card is not restricted to one location.

Having multiple alts, I can confirm it is not.

[/li][li]I see, can you help edit the page about it?[/li]