Missing Townhouse

Hey there! So, I missed buying the Townhouse when I was a newbie, and now I’ve far out levelled it (114 persuasive). Even with the rat, I can’t get close to the 50 persuasive to pull the card if I have been locked out of it. Any suggestions?[li]

I don’t believe that card has an upper Persuasive limit - you should be able to draw it sooner or later no matter how high your stats.

Yeah, I keep getting the low-tier Lodgings card even right now, and I never saw any difference in frequency between the Lodgings that I actually owned and the ones I didn’t. Probably just a matter of luck.

Even with capped Persuasive the card keeps showing up. I lost mine the first time when getting my candles and was able to draw the card and get the lodging again within a week or so and my Persuasive was well above 114.[li]

How does one lose a lodging, Nigel? I didn’t realise that was possible.[li]
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[quote=Elnara]How does one lose a lodging, Nigel? I didn’t realise that was possible.

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[/li][li]Not Nigel but I have heard that it is one of the things you lose while Seeking Mr Eaten’s Name. Edit to add - but as he said it is possible to get them back

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You can get rid of your Salon or Orphanage by selling the Townhouse, apparently.
I have no idea how you sell the townhouse: the opp card and the key itself don’t seem to offer any hints on how to do that. But the text when I bought a Salon said so, so it must be true.

[quote=Elnara]How does one lose a lodging, Nigel? I didn’t realise that was possible.[/quote]Nigel has been made homeless as a consequence of particularly persistent Seeking. Changing from Orphanage to Salon would be an… odd reason to put a character through such things, but then, what sane grounds could there be for such a thing?

Flyte, you are talking SANE when we are all in a giant cavern a mile below the surface with all of London, a SEA and talking cats, rats and bats?

Really sir, I think you need to go see a head shrink.

Well that’s a relief - I might have lost all my lodgings but there was an expensive option to keep the Townhouse and Salon.