Missing Storynexus...

I’d always wanted to play around with it as an early teen, but now I’ve returned to the Failbetterverse five years later with more solid mental faculties and better writing skills, it was heartbreaking to see it shut down. The dream would be for them to put out some kind of standalone edition- instead of hosting anything on their web servers I could just download the tool and make little card worlds to play on my computer haha. (seriously, take my money)

As it stands, though, it seems like I’ll have to look elsewhere for a similar experience… Anyone know of decent/interesting/entertaining alternatives? I’ve heard Twine has storylets now, and I’m about to dive into how those work, but from what I’m seeing, it’ll take a lot of work to get a remotely similar feel going. And outside of that, I’m not finding many still-active interactive fiction tools on the web at all :(


I also keep getting pangs of yearning for Zero Summer, Rat Sending Simulator, etc.

It had something that I have not found elsewhere.

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I know that you can still play Rat Sending Simulator (source: was absurdly bored the other day) and I saw a post about someone asking questions about something in Zero Summer a couple of months back, so you can still play those classics! It is sad that we can’t make anything new though.

RSS has some broken bits, unfortunately.
I didn’t make note of which bits, since they are no longer supported.

Yeah, I noticed that the, well, rat-sending (and other social bits) don’t work anymore. There is still a sizeable amount of single-player content though!

True, but without rat-sending, some things aren’t really possible. Godratting works-ish, but Ratan-stuff is impossible to a large extent, unless you’re already Ratan.

And of course, all my characters who were already Ratan are also suffering from too much godness.

I have vague memories of a non-FL-related storynexus game I played that affected me really deeply…but I cannot remember the name or many details for the life of me. I also at one point planned on making a game with it myself and even have about three pages of notes for it, but it never came to pass before it was shut down.