Missing islands?

There’s a Fallen London sidebar that talks about the islands of Winewound, Drudgewick and Shrub being part of the Southern Archipelago as well as Hunter’s Keep and Mutton Island. I don’t think I’ve seen Shrub mentioned anywhere else and had in fact forgotten it existed until I saw the sidebar again recently, and Winewound might just be the same place as Winewound Heath (which appears to be part of the mainland). Drudgewick has its own enigmatic sidebar though: [i]Once a genteel London suburb, the island of Drudgewick retains much of its former character. Gravel is neatly raked and children are well-behaved. But why do the residents leave all those sharp stones on the village green?

[/i]So, er, yeah, I kind of wanted to visit. Although that’s not available in FL either. (It seemed like one of the many things that would be in the game at some future date.)

I’ve also wondered about the absence of Bullbone Island, Corpsecage Island, and Grunting Fen, the islands from the Scientific Expedition. Particularly Grunting Fen, since there’s no land in the Sea of Voices except Godfall and Polythreme; the Southern Archipelago does have a bunch of little unlabelled rocky bits with no docks, at least.
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In the earlier versions of SS there were a lot of place holder islands, they took them out now but it’s true that there are a lot of ports that haven’t been added yet.

I’d think part of the reason the sea of voices is mostly empty is so crossing it raises your terror a bunch.

'cause I mean…

I always assumed that Bullbone and Corpsecage are just some of the unnammed islands. There’s not really anything for a proper zee-captain to do on them anyway, as opposed to a dilettante like your Fallen London character.

I’ve heard on the forums that the Isle of Uttershroom is open and available to atleast visit - but I haven’t found it. Early reports indicate it’s just to the East of Port Cecil but there is nothing out there south of the Ragged Crow Lighthouse. has anyone else found it?

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Are you on an old save? If so just keep going, if you look at the chart it is near the next line East of Port Cecil. In later games it is much closer.

It depends on the age of your map. My previous character, who had explored the area known as the Chelonate back before the Uttershroom was published, found it past the now-empty Chelonate section. A one-off game I made to explore phenomena after the addition found the Uttershroom right next to the Principals of Coral.

I retired the old character, keeping a stat and using an Ironclad Will to keep the housing, and the new character has the closer Uttershroom.

Ok, I’ll keep looking East of Port Cecil then. I am still on my first character - I have a lot of invested time with him and have a lot of resources I was accumulating in my hull. I will likely start a new Legacy Character later on when more content is present, but not now.

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Yes, if it’s an older save it’s very east, past the Chelonate.

I’d actually quite like to know the answer to the OP’s question: are these islands to be added later? Or will they simply not be implemented in the game? And will they ever appear as locations in Fallen London proper or are they just some pieces of fluff that are no longer relevant or canon?
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