Missing Admiral!

The latest update has removed the Dark-Spectacled Admiral from London - anyone know whether this is intentional? There’s now no way to use Port Reports, so it seems an unlikely choice, but I suppose it’s possible that raising Supremacy to Glorious caused it or something…?

I’m pretty sure Supremacy 7 with the Dawn Machine is causing that, yes. I think.

I’ve kept away from the Dawn Machine. All my intelligence goes to the Admiral. London going Glorious deals a nice reward.

Oooh, how do you raise Supremancy Dawn Machine? I only have it at 1 from delivering Sphinxstone to Grand Geode, and the wiki isn’t much help.

give vital intelligence to the spy instead of the Admiral

Yep - that raises both qualities so I felt zero guilt :). But now I do wonder where the Admiral has gone and what he is plotting - or did the Diplomat simply triumph in their contest?

I’ve got the latest update and still have the Admiral (London has the upper hand over those frighteningly gleaming Dawn Machine people), if that helps.