Missed something in Parabolan Campaign : Specifically, no generals.

I seem to have somehow either not unlocked the Seeds of War, or have somehow managed to half-start or dismiss the entire cultivation of generals.
Or, I have misunderstood what the prerequisites are.
Here’s my relevant stats: Base Dangerous 212, maxed (i.e. Gains 12).
I have completed at very least a Cat campaign and a 2nd City campaign.
Presumably one of these was the tutorial mentioned in the wiki, as I have no obvious tutorial-like campaigns available.
And I have an abundance of human arms (11), I suppose in case my clay arm decides to declare its independence.

What might I have missed? Any advice most welcome.

Did you start another campaign against Cats, Fingerkings or The Chessboard? If you actually planted a general, this is the only thing missing.

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I will check.
I do have a Dome of Cats, not scales. Is this evidence either way?

Ah, yes, I had apparently stopped fiddling with the cats and snakes (no chessboard options yet) - and just done second city after the first.

Resolved, thanks!