Missed opportunity?

I am currently at level 100+ in all my stats, but I have so far never gotten any cards or opportunities to meet the Regretful Soldier, who I’ve had a few storyline-connected cards come up for as well as the House of Chimes storyline, all of which I can’t access. Looking at the wikis, it seems like he comes up in a chance card and it should have happened to me a long time ago, but are there any other places to find him? Just a bit frustrated that I seem to have totally missed this one…

Hang out in Watchmaker’s Hill, I think? You’ll get a card maybe? I don’t think the card is level-locked anymore, but it’s still location-locked.

Yeah, and it can take some time to pop out too. Just camp in Watchmaker’s Hill and waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaait ^^

I believe the card is titled “deal with a drunk old soldier” or something like that, and only one of the two options on it will get you that Acquaintance.

Specifically, the “Talk him down” option.