Misclicked in the important storylet *spolier*

Is there anyone from the team who can help me rollback my last clicks?
I accidentally clicked wrong storylet option in the [spoiler] furnace ancona/town [spoiler] scenario in the Ealing gardens. This ruins the mood totally for me :( An help from the devs?


Unfortunately, the policy has always been that devs don’t edit people’s accounts to “fix” misclicks or mistakes. They’ll fix things if there was a bug that caused you to lose progress or something, but they do not address misclicks.

In the long run, the misclick you’re describing doesn’t even matter - as far as I can tell, right now there are very few (no?) in-game effects of how the tracklayers’ city was created, and it’s not like there’s a “good” or “bad” ending to the story.


You can send in a bug report, but I believe that misclicks are not fixable. Sorry for your trouble. :face_with_head_bandage:

Ooops, Amalgamte beat me too it.


Okay :frowning:
I decided not to be involved in the whole process of Furnace Ancona, but I wanted to give th manager of the Royal Bethlehem a chance instead. Then I just clicked and didn’t read what happened next.

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Commiserations! For anyone even slightly roleplaying their character, misclicks on crucial decisions are terribly upsetting. There is not much one can do but try and incorporate it in their character’s history. Yours is now carrying a regret, the long-term consequences of which are yet to be revealed…


Yes, I can pretend it was an unforeseen event that led to the different outcome and live on with the added burden.

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