Miscellaneous questions from newer player

I just managed to become a person of some importance, and am a bit bedazzled at the options that spread forth before me. I was hoping for a bit of guidance from the older hands.

First, I managed to get kicked out of the university. Is it possible to find my way back in?

Second, I seem to be stalled out on my Ambition: Nemesis. There are options to go back to previous areas to see if I missed anything, but I don’t see any options to move the plot forward further. Is there some trigger later, or am I missing something? Also, is it possible to pursue other ambitions later if I manage to finish this one?

Third, I see inklings of possible final story arcs. The Dilmun Club expedition seems like something that might wrap up the character arc. Are there in fact arcs that will wrap up a character’s story? If so, any recommendations on the most satisfying ones to pursue?

Thank you!

The endings of the Ambitions haven’t been published yet, so you’ll have to be patient if you’ve reached the end of the published material. You can change your ambition with Fate, but I don’t think you can explore more than one at the same time.

In that same vein, there is no &quotfinal story arc.&quot New material for you character to explore is published regularly.
edited by Beau Mercy on 6/16/2016

About the other questions:
You can go back to the university by owning the Sneering Gentleman and doing a voyage of scientific discovery (you will need a ship for that). My ambition is not Nemesis, but I happen to know that a point of it requires you to sail to the Tomb Colonies, maybe that’s why you can’t find anything in London.