Misc. UI suggestions

  1. Add a key which can be held down to highlight/outline stuff you can collide with. Yes, I know that if your headlight can go over/under something then your engine can too, but I still frequently collide with stuff anyways.

  2. Some way to examine the contents of the bank even when you can’t access it, so you can remind yourself what you do and don’t have stored away.

  3. Some prospects are conditioned on certain qualities, and if the quality changes after accepting it you can’t fulfill the prospect. When you take a prospect like that then the required condition should be included in the tooltip when you hover the cursor over the prospect icon in the &quotHold&quot UI, and if a prospect can no longer be fulfilled due to a change in quality its icon should be marked in some way.

  4. A configuration option to let you have different keys for cruise control and full-steam ahead, with the default full-steam ahead key being the space bar.

  5. When a marker for a new transient location (Something to Crave, etc) is added to your map due to you being close enough to it, you should get a log message, since sometimes it’s far enough away to not appear on the screen and you’ll only notice it if you’re frequently checking your map.

  6. Some way of looking back at the last few log messages, since sometimes you’re too busy to read them right away but still want to know what they were.

  7. Separate the count for crew who permanently left while still alive from the count of crew who died. For instance, when you banish an oathbreaker it currently increases your dead crew count even though no one died.

  8. Some way to reorder entries in your journal, or failing that a way to favorite/pin certain entries so that they go to the top.

  9. In the bank UI always sort the engine modules to the very end.

  10. Some way to rearrange the position of items in the bank.

Great suggestions!

Re the bank contents I’ve resorted to taking a screenshot (F12 in Steam) every single time. Quite annoying.

I would really like to see a transparent mini-map Diablo II style, either full screen or in the corner. I think it would address #1 by showing obstacles and #5.

Also what I think is missing and is quite obvious is the ability to &quotconsume&quot the current unit (remaining quantity) of Fuel or Supplies, which would be very useful just before entering a port where you know you are going to restock and would rather have more cargo space. It’s not the same as jettison as it is just getting rid of the whole item without refilling the bar.