Mirror-polished shoes

My wife lost these somehow. How did she lose them? How can you get them back?

Did you check under the bed? When I loose my shoes they are usually under the bed. Or on top of the dryer. Occasionally the misses puts my shoes on the dryer to keep the puppy from chewing on them.

The only way I know to loose your mirror polished shoes is to spend Fate on the “Mysterious Benefactor” card which will let you re-start the storylet. If this is the case then the only way to get them back is to play out the new storylet and then re-set it again with Fate.

If things have not happened as Nigel has stated, then the only other possibility is a bug. I have not personally encountered this bug, assuming it even exists.

Besides, in London there’s almost certainly some variety of insect that absconds with your shoes. Probably your socks as well.

Thank you, gentlemen. I am most grateful for your reply.

I have to say those are the best Benefactor item of them all. I actually spent the fate to switch over just so I’d have them.

I agree - as it is, they’re the VERY ONE Boots item giving a Watchful bonus. Though I’m not gonna change mine, because I liked the Mint Humbugs storyline too much ^^

The Persuasive benefactor was certainly fun, but the Watchful one actually turned out to be even more interesting, in my opinion.

Having enjoyed the Mint Humbugs storyline (but contemplating starting over to do another), I’m curious as to whether it ties into any further content or is done and over.

An opportunity card unlocked at[color=rgb(255, 255, 255)] University[/color] seemed so obvious that I’m a little surprised I haven’t seen that.