Minor Confessions Available

I wonder if it would be useful if players who are still willing and able to offer minor confessions to non-POSI should post their names so they can be sought out? A non-POSI acquaintance was just asking me to reduce his Nightmares, which seems like a sub-optimal action for this season for many reasons! It would have the virtue of allowing non-POSI to collect a few confessions they might not otherwise receive this year. And I bet there are a number of alts running around who haven’t yet exhausted their Confession ability.
Having said that, I unfortunately am plumb out of Confessions. But if anyone thinks the idea has merit, I hope they will append a link to their names here.

– Mal

It’s a good idea! My clay man alt, RUSKIN WARE, would be happy to get his wounds and nightmares down.