Minor Change to Eaten Descriptions

I’m not sure if this is necessarily that big of a deal, but when I went to post in an item description thread two days ago, Seeking items had the same old &quot[content retired]&quot bit at the end of the descriptions, but just happening to look back over them today, I noticed a change to &quot[Content in stasis - not currently playable.]&quot and The Seeking Road’s storylet now has an additional line &quotMR EATEN IS IN STASIS - this storyline is not currently playable.&quot This might just be some cleaning up they meant to do a while back, but I can only hope that this means they’re thinking about working on it soon.
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A reckoning is not to be postponed indefinitely!

Oh Yes… What you’ve found further proves the speculation of the resurrection of the &quotSeeking the Name&quot storylet. Seeing as there appears to be an unretired way into the story aswell so these rumours seem much more valid now. Perhaps we shall see, not that anyone would actually try…

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Was that ever really speculation, though? I remember Alexis saying a long time ago that Mr. Eaten would make a return, though it would take a while. Now that the holiday content is well past us, it seems natural to go back to it.

[color=#990000]It was just cleaning up. Which doesn’t mean anything either way about anything else. Which means I’m not saying anything or not saying something or.

I have no idea how to word this in a way that doesn’t suggest something either way. I was literally just making tags consistent across the Eaten content. Sorry! Mr Eaten is all in Alexis’ hands, I have no insight into the matter.

&quotunretired way&quot → can you let me know which, please. [/color]
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Yes, Here I can’t confirm that’s it’s real yet there’s no information that says it is retired so…


Yes, Here I can’t confirm that’s it’s real yet there’s no information that says it is retired so…


That’s retired, I get that card all the time and there’s only the non-Eaten option.

That’s just the wiki not being updated.

There’s lots of old and outdated information on the wiki. Death by water 7 used to be -the- single most common method of getting into seeking the name ever, followed by the christmas stuff. Believe me, if that wasn’t retired it would be noticed by the community almost immediately. Like, even in the slow hours in the dark of the night, it’d be spotted within like five minutes of being active. I’m not even kidding. That one is well known and well watched.

Don’t go by what the wiki says is and isn’t retired. There aren’t nearly as many editors as there used to be and the content grows and changes all the time. Even the new quirks system and recent cap changes aren’t on there yet for most things. You 'llhave a much better chance of finding accurate information by putting your ear to the ground and listening to what the community says. Maybe even join the fan run IRC or follow an expert tumblr lore master. But don’t put too much faith in the wiki. There’s just way too much dated information on it to be reliable when it comes to things like seeking.

Edit: If you read the comments on the bottom of that article, players are talking about it being retired. As such, I have made it more obvious by putting the really big retired banner on the top of the article. This should help to avoid confusion in the future. I’ve also added the retired banner to all seeking pages on the wiki. The main headers/categories were all marked retired, but not the sub pages. So I retired them all just to avoid confusion like this in the future.
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