Mind of a Long-Dead God [Spoilers]

Hi Everyone, I’d like to get into the ‘mind of the dead god’, but it doesn’t seem to be happening. My ‘Stormy Eyes’ is at 18, What the Thunder Said is at 19; both have been in that range for a couple of weeks. Is there somewhere I need to go, or something I need to do to trigger the area?

Thanks for the help.

There should be a universal storylet in London.

You need a bit more Stormy Eyed as it takes 19 Stormy Eyed and What the Thunder Said at 15 to trigger the storylet.

D’oh. Thanks guys. I really need to read properly.

No trouble, one of my characters has it at the moment. Just waiting until after their next visit to the Nadir before going in.

Good to see that you got there RandomWalker, hope you enjoyed the experience.

Very much so, thanks. Always nice to see new stuff despite having played quite a while now.