I’ve been wondering who exactly Millicent is for years now. All of her… spoilerific connections to various aspects of the neath, none of which I will list here because I don’t feel like typing out the whole /spoiler with the bracket thing.

Can someone grant me what would essentially be the wiki page for Millicent?

Millicent Clathermont, now the Lady in Lilac, is an agent of the Bazaar. As an agent, she works to facilitate love stories; like some other agents, she does so because she’s in love with the Bazaar itself. Outside of the Feast, she spends a lot of time on the Surface. She can survive there because of Irrigo Magyyks from some Nadir ritual, which helps you in SMEN as a side-effect. She was the real skill behind the Clathermont’s tattoo business, and now that the Bazaar taught her the Great Signs, she is yet more skilled.

So she doesn’t actually have any real correlation with Mr. Eaten besides conveniently assisting one to go North.

… Wonder why Mr. Eaten’s twitter refers to her so much…

Because there’s really multiple versions of Millicent:

  • Millicent Clathermont, before she made a bargain with the Bazaar[/li][li]The Lady in Lilac, the Bazaar’s agent[/li][li]Millicent, the cast-off irrighost of what the Lady in Lilac used to be, who hangs out in the Nadir and is a major part of SMEN

[quote=Optimatum]Millicent, the cast-off irrighost of what the Lady in Lilac used to be, who hangs out in the Nadir and is the best part of SMEN
Fixed that for you. :)

Nah, the best part of SMEN is obviously Winking Isle. It’s just so much fun.

She’s a matchmaker, obviously.

But what in the Neath is an irrighost?

But what in the Neath is an irrighost?[/quote]

I’m more interested in what a Irrigo Magyyks is…

You know too much!
~throws an irrigobomb~

As a note, the irrighost is specifically mentioned to be the part of her that couldn’t love the Bazaar, if I remember correctly.

Here I come.

Here I go.

Here I come.


[quote=Tystefy]Here I come.

Here I go.

Here I come.


Irrigo! Irrigo! Irrigo!
Irrigo! Irrigo! Irrigo-oh!

Irrigo! Irrigo! Irrigo!
[i][i]Irrigo! IR-RI-GO!

[/i][/i]Twas a popular chant on the football terraces once upon a time (to the tune of Sousa’s &quotThe Stars and Stripes forever&quot). You don’t hear it any more. For some reason the fans seem to have forgotten all about it.

Was it mentioned to be part that couldn’t love?
It’s also complicated in that while it’s what remained of her as she passed through the Nadir, she’s also kinda created by you being there and searching for the candle. Irrigo is weird.

I got to a point where there one of the options was locked as I needed to become a legendary charisma, and while I was still grinding up in the hopes to use this option, I found that she had in fact up and left Veilgarden! Do we know that she will return in the same fashion next year? I truly hope that by beginning the story and then not finishing it before she leaves that I haven’t lost the ability to participate forever.

[quote=Tystefy]Here I come.

Here I go.

Here I come.


Beyond the Gate all drowns in violet light
Not a Firebrand to be seen
An undernight-sized inkwell
And it looks like I’m Inks’ Queen
Whole Neath is crying as though Mountain of Light died
Couldn’t give a damn, Bazaar knows I’ve tried

Can’t love space crab anymore
Feast matchmaking is a chore
I don’t care, and when you come back
I will not be here -
(- But then, I’m not here now anyway)

This is the worst thing I’ve ever read and I’m honored to have witnessed it.