Millicent and the ammonia-smelling gentleman

I recently visited Millicent’s parlour in the Forgotten Quarter, where I met a rather odd-looking and foul-smelling chap. It’s been a couple of days and I still haven’t got any news. Is it normal ?

It isn’t “normal” in that this event has never happened before, to my knowledge.

I haven’t gotten the end of that living story yet, and I suspect no one else has either. If I had to guess, I’d think it will take about a week to resolve, if melting works the same for NPCs as it does for players…

When I did the storylet, I got the message “A living story will begin soon.” That typically means that the rest of the story–including whatever reward you get–will come in a few days, real time.

The “living story” in this case may simply mean that the “An Incident at Millicent’s” quality will be erased after a set number of hours, so that you can have another “Incident at Millicent’s” at next year’s Feast. A similar living story triggers any time you get a tattoo, along with gaining the “A Recent Visit to Millicent’s” quality. (There were, however, some issues with that living story triggering for some players between last year and this year.) So yeah – there aren’t extra stories or rewards with the tattoo living story and there may not be for this one either.

Then again, you never know!

Well, well, well… After six weeks or so, I never got any news, or I missed it. Had anyone ever got any ?

Check your messages tab, you should have this somewhere:
&quotYou remember the lamp glowing in the crooked caravanserai. The lilac of Millicent’s dress. Her needles and inks. Perhaps you could visit her again, during the next Feast of the Rose. Your ‘A Recent Visit to Millicent’s’ Quality has gone! Your ‘An Incident at Millicent’s’ Quality has gone!&quot

As metasynthie said, the &quotLiving Story&quot in this case was just a quality tracker, not a story. :(

Alas, I did get this message. I was under the impression that there would be a way to acquire some special item… Bah. Next year.

You did - it was the 62.5 echo item (Primeval Hint?) that you received when first clicking the story. That’s a tremendous payout from one action. Also, the very sad text.

You’re right, of course, Toran. But I think I know what Mr. Crumbledon means; I think he meant he thought we could get a unique item of some kind for our visit this year to Millicent’s establishment. I know that I did. Ah well, we’ll see what next year brings.