Might have bugged up The Numismatrix...

This has me rather worries. I think I might’ve done something to lock myself on Spending Secrets 3, which would be… inconvenient at best. See, what happened is that I drew the opportunity-card of The Numismatrix, which started ‘a living story’, which was a lecture, and a while later I drew an opportunity-card that let me ‘pick a side’. Which I did. But between the lecture and the appearance of the card, I somehow stumbled into selecting the storylet ‘The Numismatrix’ from the ‘FIND NEW STORIES’ menu in my residence. A terrible waste of Appalling Secrets, I just figured at the time. Not sure why I did it - I suspect I was half-asleep.

Anyway, a little while after I had drawn the ‘pick a side’ card, the ‘invited to a lecture by The Numismatrix’ story appeared in my messages again, and instinctively, I clicked on it. And the lecture played out again. So now I’m back on ‘Spending Secrets - 3’, as after the first lecture, but it’s been a while since then, and the ‘pick a side’ card hasn’t appeared again. The allegiance-related options that started to show up on faction-cards between my first side-selection and the second lecture also disappeared.

Could my unwary repetition of the Numismatrix’s lecture have triggered a glitch which prevents me from progressing with the rather important storyline of The Numismatrix? Or do I just need to be more patient in waiting for the card to reappear?

I think I did the exact same thing due to a mixture of impatience and a lack of sleep.
After a first rush of panic that the story is now broken for me, I decided to wait a bit and I’m almost 100% certain that the card to pick sides showed up again after a while.

Well, that makes me feel better… guess I just got worried 'cuz the pick-a-side card arrived so promptly the first time around. Still, I can’t help but notice that I am, indeed, still registered as ‘Closest to: The Great Game’, even though Spending Secrets got reset. Makes me wonder what requirements the card has for being triggered…

EDIT: It appeared at last… guess I had no cause to worry after all. Should’ve listened to Snark, it appears. ^_^; So I guess ultimately all that this cost me was a handful of Appalling Secrets and some time.
edited by BlakeTheDrake on 3/12/2015

Yes, I remember it took a couple of days for the card to show up again.
But in the end it is a matter of luck, how fast a desired card pops up.

I’m still not sure if this is a bug or maybe even intended for those who have second thoughts on which side to pick or have misclicked.
That way you can make up your mind one time without sacrificing valuable recources to part and realign with a faction or reveal the Cave of Nadirs location.