Midnight Carnival, no Mirrors ? (SMEN spoilers)

Hello delicious friends,

[spoiler]I am currently in the Midnight Carnival, and the House of Mirrors doesn’t appear. The other locations (Big Top, BENEATH THE NEATH, etc…) shows up, but no House of Mirrors.

I tried having the requirements (I know of them), but even with those fullfilled there is no House of Mirrors.

Am I missing something ?
Is it a bug ?

Thanks for helping.[/spoiler]
edited by Emain Ablach on 6/29/2016

Emain, did you previously get St Beau’s? Because I did, but lost it in a misclick, and so I’m wondering if it’s a crossed wire there. (Anyway, I’m having this problem too and I emailed support.)
edited by an_ocelot on 6/29/2016

Yes I did, and I lost it as well. I’m interested to hear what the support will tell you.

I should say I lost Arthur & Beau’s from Old Seeking, one of the opportunity card options, and I’m pretty sure you can’t do that any more, so don’t worry, New Seekers!

Beware of the Rat of Glory, however. It ate my candles ! =p

Oh no! When?

Anyway FBG fixed this for me by taking away my Conversation quality, is it fixed for you?

No it is not fixed for me, I’ll have to send a bug report to them as well. Thank you for finding the solution ! =D

Yes, but more importantly, WHEN did your Rat of Glory eat your candles?

Oh, around one or two years ago ? I don’t remember exactly because there are huge holes in my playing time, I sometimes don’t play for months. It ate everything except for St Arthur’s Candle, hahaha, this one must be too hard to digest even for rats.
edited by Emain Ablach on 6/30/2016

Wow. Are you the only one that ever happened to? Because until today I’d never heard of it happening–there was the Boom event just recently, which seems to have passed, because someone lent me a Rat of Glory and nothing happened when I got St Arthur’s. I was wondering if after the Boom event they had suddenly become dangerous.

My Rat of Glory didn’t activate itself at that time. I tried to use it (because of a bet with a friend). I think I’m not the only one who tried to use it and lost his candles in the process. Am I ? :’(

Oh, sorry, I forgot about trying to use it! I can’t remember if anyone else had that happen, but it seems a lot less for new Seekers to worry about than accidental misclicks on an opportunity card!