Messages and weekly payment?

On my Android verson I often get notifications of messages (a green Fallen London icon at the top of my screen), but then I go check my messages and nothing :(

Only once I got an actual message, telling me about my Profession’s weekly payment. Except, it was saying my Nightmare, Wounds and Scandal would lower, and I’d get my payment and a boost in Shadowy but I didn’t.

I went to check in my lodgings and there wasn’t anyhing there either. What gives? How to get my weekly boos?

I just received two messages from another player, but I don’t see to be able to open them on my phone? I can only read the first two words of each of them.

[color=#cc0099]Hello delicious friend, if you find any issues like these the best way to receive some help would be to message so someone on our end can investigate. Thanks![/color]

I have similar issues so I will email as suggested.