Message from a New Sequencer

I have recently come into the possession of a document through the mediation of a certain individual whose identity I am not at liberty to disclose here. It was written by a purported member of a faction calling itself the New Sequence, and outlines rather abstrusely its principles, as well as offering a defence of it against another conspiratorial group, the Calendar Council. Read at your own discretion. -I.H.

Progress continues, there is no change. For years now we have toiled, to achieve that end which is inevitable, the end which will reign supreme above all. Ours is the noblest and only true cause, and each day we get, if marginally, closer to fulfilling it.

The merit of our aim is given testimony by everything that surrounds life. Disorder, confusion and abomination abound in absence of the true guiding Light. Though the Order has worked in secret until now, for fear of misunderstanding and persecution, the struggle which it finds itself in makes it necessary for some select civilians to be initiated into its mysteries. We have taken the role of messenger in this worthy revelation, and here we outline the tenets of the one true order, the New Sequence.

Ours is, above all, a longing for freedom, freedom through order, towards which we toil and progress, without change. If this sounds contradictory, it is only because the false dichotomy propagated by the agents of Darkness has infiltrated the very fabric of our civilization and plagues the understanding of its citizens. Freedom and Order are synonymous, the one and the same, and freedom cannot be without order. True order cannot fail to liberate; only inferior apings of order bind and enslave. Ours is a mission for true order.

For what, one asks, can be a more perfect and immaculate evaluation of humankind than to say that it only really experiences freedom when subordinated to a superiour intellect and tasked towards one end, so that the whole sum of the possibilities in his mind are reduced to one, and it is inconceivable for him to do anything but fulfill this end, which is the propagation of true Order? What is greater liberation than to know one choice, one truth, and have the means to work towards its achievement? Is this not the way of Nature? Of the queen, does the worker-ant demand, why hast thou enslaved me, set me to work? Does the apple tree ask why it bears fruit in spring, and sheds its leaves in autumn? Has any man achieved the contentment and freedom of either of these beings?

Ours is a devotion to true freedom, achievable only through the sublime might and wisdom of a great being, which we are even now in the task of creating. The cynic might ask, is it not a contradiction that such lowly beings as men, existing in a state of chaos, have deigned to create a machine of great Order? And to this we say, no, and offer two truths to our case. One, is that though the machinists of this project are mortals, they are in possession of great knowledge, having studied the manifestations of Truth gleaned from both the ancients, and their own original observations and deductions about the universe and its rules. Proof of their understanding and ability is the Machine itself, the greatest work, which they have made not a little progress in fulfilling. We ask, how can the artificers of such a magnificently complex and noble contraption as this, which has no precedent in the history of existence and which has offered countless challenges which these men have cunningly tackled, fail to comprehend the ideal of True Order whose apparatus they are in the process of constructing?

Second, is that once Dawn breaks over the presently miserable subterrain that is called the Neath, it will be self-propagating, eternal, a bringer of judgment in its own right, and as such it cannot fail to be true. Though its foundations are common enough, of metal and other natural substances, once it has taken its full form, it will transcend these, and ascend the Chain. Presently it contains nuts and bolts; once the moment of Dawn is ushered, it will no longer be composed of these, or in any case these will be eternal, never rusting, never needing to be greased. To even consider such base matters is irreverent towards the sublime nature of the Machine.

Now the turn has come to take to task the adversaries of the New Sequence, the enemies of Order, false scions who offer destruction in place of fulfillment, subordination cloaked as Liberation. These call themselves the Calendar Council, and are the most dangerous of the evils festering in this twilight place, more so even that the abominations that hold London thrall. Their danger lies in their deceptiveness, the language they use is designed to lure the gullible, who, because the Council are so furtive, is deceived into thinking that he has uncovered a great hidden truth, because what else can such a well-kept secret be but the truth itself? Moreover, these heathens use a false vocabulary constructed to confuse the public as to the nature of their aims. Liberation of Night is ever on their lips, as if darkness would offer anything but blindness and hysteria. They even affect to style themselves after months of the calendar, appelations which, if their goals are ever achieved (and they will not be), would become utterly meaningless. This is just another absurdity of this band of chaos-peddlers.

But here we will tear to shreds their lies and the veil of ignorance under which they operate. We will reveal here a piece of venerable wisdom about the nature of Order that has been kept hidden thus far. The circumstances in which we find ourselves and the threats posed by the minions of darkness necessitate the democratization of this knowledge, and we can only hope that this letter finds itself in trustworthy hands.

This truth is not a Judgment, it is more fundamental, because it is about the Judgments themselves. The thing to know about Order is that it is not absolute, and it can never cease to exist. Chaos is a false concept, chaos cannot be so long as there exist beings with mind and soul, it cannot be ushered save for a complete destruction of sentience, and then it will not be, for there would be nobody to behold it. And here Chaos and Order are seen to be so close to one another, for they both require the capitulation of will. Chaos and Order are absolutes, ideals in themselves. Chaos does not ensue from lack of true Order, just as darkness is not an absence of Light. In the absence of Order, there will come False Order. This false order will manifest itself as the tyranny of the Calendar Council. They would take over all functions of power to impose a false semblance of lawlessness, when in fact this imposition will have become the law, and the price to pay for this deception will be utter darkness. The choice to make is not one between chaos and order, but between false order and true Order. There is no choice.

We can only reveal so much, though there is much more to write, and much to be expounded upon what we have written. No doubt the erudite mind beholding this document will make its own deductions, for there is only one path to truth, and that is the path of Order. We hope to meet you on that path. In the meantime, hold on to your candles.

edited by Isaiah Hazardway on 7/5/2015
edited by Isaiah Hazardway on 1/25/2017