Merry Gentleman, Diamonds (fate-locked question)

Hello, delicious friends!
As I had found just now, browsing the wiki, there is third fate-locked option of Merry Gentleman, apparently opening with dozens of high quality diamonds.

Could you (obviously using the private channel) inform me about what exactly will I receive then?

As I pretty much dedicated to eventually obtain certain apple juice, this data may be very useful to me.


I’ve recently discovered that in American English “cider” means “apple juice”. Totally blew my mind.

You get a Fabulous Diamond.

Wait, wait. Apple juice? As in apple+water, with no alcohol? Duuude.

I’ve never noticed that. That explains a few things.

Cider generally means alcoholic, but people do get confused here as to the difference between cider and juice. Some products label themselves as &quothard cider&quot so its clear they are explicitly alcoholic, but this usually isn’t necessary. Generally speaking juice is clear and yellow where cider is brown and tangy, but there’s a few exceptions such as if you are using late season apples, and I think Canada has its own rules which are reversed or something.
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Nah, as a Canadian, what you just said lines up with my internal definitions of the terms.

I just want to know this: Is Hesperidean Cider alcaholic or not?

All we know is that the game classifies the Cider as a Sustenance item, and not under Wines. Which is inconclusive.

For some reason I was under the impression that it wasn’t as simple as just brewing the juice of the apple. I guess I just feel like it had to be more momentous considering the effects on the Capering Relicker.

I’m not sure if distillation was part of it, but it just feels like brewing alone oughtn’t be enough.

{edit: I should clarify that in this topic I am nearly entirely ignorant, Sunless Sea says very little on the Apple that is germane, and I’m just a newb in FL, so my intuition is almost surely wrong.}
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Whether or not brewing alone is sufficient, I personally have always understood that since it is being brewed it’s alcoholic. Also, it’s chief competitor is peach brandy, so there is that as well

In the U.S., cider is non-filtered juice that’s cloudy with apple sediment. Best enjoyed fresh from orchard shops and at farmers markets. Apple juice is clear golden liquid. Hard cider is clear like apple juice, but alcoholic.

Of course, a lot is based on context. If you say you want a cider in a bar or liquor store, people will know you mean alcoholic cider.