Menaces over 8 ?

So i’m wearing a goldfish which sounds pretty crazy already, and my base nighmares are 11. but i’ve not been carted off to mirror land yet. But i’m afraid to leave the current storylet that i’m farming in.

What exacly is going on? And what, if anything, can i do without getting sent there?

If your modified menace is 8 or higher, then you will be sent to the menace area as soon as you leave all storylets. So if you’re grinding one option, you can do as much as you’d like before leaving, but once you leave the storylet you’ll go crazy.

If you want to avoid going crazy you could very easily go into your inventory and start drinking some laudanum. It’s a easy way to cheat insanity as long as you’re careful.

edited by Sara Hysaro on 4/20/2015