'MENACE RISES FROM THE ZEE': Giant Angler Crabs Return

Fearsome Angler Crabs, menace to all honest zailors, are migrating once again to their ancestral spawning grounds. The Unterzee is achurn with the tectonic movement of the crabs.

There’s good hunting on the Angler Crab. Inside their bellies lurk all manner of discarded riches, swallowed up. All one needs is a good ship, a long-range gun, and a strong hull.

Giant Angler Crabs are now available as zee hunt. To begin, check the cabin on your ship. This Fallen London Living World event will continue until we run out of crabs.


As throwaway_lmkg mentioend over Reddit, you can grind both hunter and pirate vanity qualities with this event! Not the best EPA (around 4), but those titles are nice! :smiley:

Plus as someone who is a long way away from hell but with a lot of skulls from FOTR, those headless skeletons are very nice.

Compared with previous occasions, how will the rewards scale as Crabs become more scarce?

This is the first time I actually get to partake in a Crab Event, I missed all the previous ones!

There was actually a math bug with the previous crab hunt, so the scaling will work a little different. The corrected formula for the rewards are on the wiki, but I’m not sure all the info is in one place?

When you begin a hunt, elusiveness and rarity get set based on remaining population. Elusiveness determines how long the hunt is, and rarity affects rewards.

I do not understand why they aim for so low EpA. We are hunting crabs like ~9 days per year, even if rewards were doubled it would not affect big economic picture.

Probably so that min-maxers have no incentive to drain the pool too quickly

Sounds quite right!

Crabs + piracy can get you about 4 EPA, 2 vanity qualities and some decent materials for mid-end game players.

EDIT: Managed to become a pirate and start hunting some crabs at last! The AP required are/were 6 for Monster Hunters or players with very high Dangerous (start - 1, zail - 2, hunt - 2, claim - 1). With 19 Elusiveness, 340 Dangerous is required for 100% checks so the EPA will start dropping even if the reward increases (1 Elusiveness = 35 Rosty) . Piracy adds some nice new cards, but you need to keep the waters calm too.


Damn, RNG can be cruel: I can only reach enough Zeefaring to 90% the regular piracy challenges on Shepherd’s Wash and I failed 3 out of the last 5.

I’m a bit confused here: what am I supposed to be doing to find these crabs? Just randomly zail around until I come across one?

Since they updated Zailing a while back, you simply go to your Cabin and use the “Hunting the Beasts of the Zee” storylet that is there.

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Weird… The “Reply” button at the bottom right-hand corner of your post works just right for me. (Edit: but I don’t actually see this as a reply, except while editing the post. Perhaps there’s some reason why replies are not as visible as before.)

Then again, I don’t see a “Hunting the Beasts of the Zee” storylet in my ship’s cabin, so what do I know!

Edit 2: I see now… One needs to proceed with the Fourth Coil of the Labyrinth of Tigers for this option to be available. I have not yet done this.

This is how a reply should look (I think?), which the “Reply” button doesn’t do.

I think you need to choose “Hunting” before you choose “Chart a course,” since they’re two different things. Also, if you’re not far enough in the Labyrinth of Tigers makes sense too.

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Right, there is no “Hunting” for me to choose; it seems I haven’t unlocked the option yet. (Dangerous stories were never my favourite, but if I had known I’d be missing out on a world event, I might have given them more of a priority; I’ve actually been invited to the Fourth Coil, so I’m not far behind.)

At any rate, thanks for helping me make sense of this.

Even the Fifth Coil of the Labyrinth is available by now. You might want to have a look at that one, too… (it is connected with the Dilmun Club story, so more Watchful than Dangerous).

Oh, I have already been there, and paid tribute to the Court of the Wakeful Eye. I just didn’t care to engage in Theological Husbandry before developing my lab first, so I went right past the Fourth Coil on my way to the Fifth. (Thanks for the suggestion, though.)

I do mean to get there eventually. I’m trying to catch up on various aspects of the midgame (some of which didn’t even exist before my long hiatus) before I proceed with the endgame, so no Railway or Evolution for me until I’ve bred some beasts. It seems unwieldy to open the game up so much when there remain so many loose ends closer to home…

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I did reply to the then most recent post. Thanks for the clarification!

Don’t mind me, I’m just replying to the most recent post to see how it looks.