Menace Reduction fixed?

I used to silently lament that I had to remember to unequip my Nightmares reducing equipment in order to benefit from the Nightmares reduction when leaving the Cave of the Nadir. For some time now I have been using my Nightmares though, so I’ve been taking advantage of that bug/feature in order to maintain Nightmares despite taking actions that would otherwise reduce them. But today it seems that my Nightmares were reduced despite my already having taken the necessary steps to bring them to zero. So I guess that was indeed a bug that has now been fixed?

Saves me some extra mucking about in the inventory for sure, but will also force me to play the City Vices: Orthographic Infection card more often. And I’ve had lousy luck with that one.

If you have zero nightmares, you can equip an item that gives nightmares, dequip it for the free level of nightmares that remain, and then reequip it.