Menace-reducing social actions are broken

I sent (as Osberend) several offers to my newer alt, Lady Ravenquill (whom I haven’t created a forum account for yet). Accepting three of them (as Lady Ravenquill) as &quotAllow them to bandage you&quot yields Hard-Earned Lessons, but gave the message &quotWounds remains unchanged, at 7&quot I accepted a fourth as &quotDrink the medicine they bring&quot as a test, and this only gave the message &quotWounds remains unchanged, at 7.&quot

I’m fairly certain that this was working correctly within the past week, so I’m guessing this is a recently introduced bug. (Ideally, if it’s easy to give Lady Ravenquill the healing that should have resulted from those four Assistances, that would be nice, but I’m mostly reporting this so it can be fixed.)

Side note: My understanding, based on other forum threads and the language of the TOS, is that using an older alt to speed up the early and mid-game (defined for this purpose as: pre-POSI and pre–stats of 200, respectively) grinding a bit by spending actions to heal menaces and/or generate Advantages is not considered to be gaining &quotcompetitive advantage&quot and is therefore permissible (and seems to be fairly common). If this is not the case, I apologize, and will modify my actions accordingly.

(The relationship isn’t entirely one-sided, but it’s probably a bit more generous than I’d be inclined to be with a protegee who isn’t also me.)

Update: I just tested Allow an Acquaintance to Alleviate your Fears -> Talk through your troubles with them, and this is broken in the same way:

Nightmares remains unchanged, at 6
You’ve gained 1 x Sudden Insight (new total 3).

My message log makes it clear that that one was definitely working correctly 5 days ago. So that narrows down the time frame a bit.
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edited by osberend on 9/11/2020

I’m in the same boat - unable to reduce Wounds with social actions on one of my characters. I successfully used a social action to reduce Suspicion though so it doesn’t seem to be affecting all Menaces.


This would be best reported to

Happened to me today with Nightmare reduction

Hey, where did these actions move? They used to be under the Lodgings, but I can’t see them any longer at all. Thanks, team.

They’re in social actions now, the calendar symbol next to the lodging symbol.

Scandal reduction also still works for both parties. So the problem is with Wounds and Nightmares only.

Update: Allow them to bandage you is now working again (at least for me). I have not tested the others yet.